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At Skin Suite By Kristen, we are committed to enhancing your skincare experience with meticulously selected products renowned for their quality and effectiveness. Our portfolio includes ANFISA Skin, GlyMed Plus, Hydrinity Skin Care, HigherDOSE, and EPICUTIS—brands that stand at the forefront of skincare innovation. Each product has been chosen for its unique ability to nurture, restore, and beautify your skin, ensuring you receive the most effective and safe treatments available. Discover the ideal skincare solution tailored to meet your needs and elevate your daily regimen with our trusted recommendations.


GlyMed Plus

Introducing GlyMed Plus Professional Skin Care, an exemplary line meticulously crafted by the legendary Christine Heathman. With over 40 years dedicated to mastering and innovating skincare solutions, Christine has developed products renowned for their effectiveness in treating a wide range of skin conditions. GlyMed Plus combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with natural botanicals, ensuring each formulation nurtures your skin while maintaining its youthful radiance. Committed to ethical practices, GlyMed Plus is certified by PETA as free from animal testing, promising beauty without compromise.

We are excited to feature GlyMed Plus at Skin Suite By Kristen, where we believe in the power of professional skincare to transform and enhance natural beauty. Under Christine’s expert guidance, GlyMed Plus has achieved global acclaim, providing solutions for everything from acne and pigmentation to mature and traumatized skin. Experience the bespoke care that has empowered individuals to reclaim their confidence and embrace healthier skin. Trust in GlyMed Plus for a skincare regime that reflects dedication to quality and integrity.

GlyMed Plus

    Professional Skin Care

    GlyMed Plus offers clinical-grade products designed for sensitive post-procedure skin, making it a trusted choice for those requiring specialized, gentle care.

    Advanced Healing Formulas

    Tailored for individuals needing targeted skincare solutions, GlyMed Plus uses advanced formulas to treat and soothe various skin conditions effectively.

    Gentle Precision Skincare
    GlyMed Plus combines medical insights and gentle ingredients, ideal for those who need precise skincare that addresses specific, sensitive conditions.

    ANFISA Skin

    Discover the transformative power of ANFISA Skin, a pioneering skincare brand that seamlessly blends nature and science. At ANFISA Skin, each product is meticulously crafted with the highest-quality botanical ingredients, ensuring your skin receives the nurturing it deserves without harsh chemicals. Their hero product, the Radiant Hydra-Balm, has already won hearts globally, proving that natural ingredients can indeed deliver dewy, stunning results. Join the worldwide community of skincare enthusiasts who trust ANFISA Skin to rejuvenate and enhance their natural beauty.

    We at Skin Suite By Kristen are thrilled to refer our valued customers to ANFISA Skin. Their commitment to clean, effective skincare aligns perfectly with our dedication to promoting only the best in skin health. Shop now and experience the difference of a skincare line designed with your beauty and wellness in mind. Embrace your skin’s potential with ANFISA Skin—where nature meets science in the most luxurious way.


    ANFISA Skin

        Nature-Infused Nourishment

        ANFISA Skin harnesses botanical power to improve skin health and appearance, making it perfect for those who prefer natural ingredients for visible results.

        Botanical Beauty Boost

        Ideal for anyone seeking effective, plant-based skincare, ANFISA Skin offers clean formulations that work deeply to transform and rejuvenate your complexion.

        Green Glow Revitalizer

        Choose ANFISA Skin for its commitment to green chemistry, providing skincare solutions that rejuvenate the skin naturally and safely.

        Hydrinity Skin Care

        Hydrinity Skin Care

        Introducing Hydrinity Skin Care, an innovative brand born from the forefront of regenerative medicine and powered by groundbreaking hyaluronic acid technology. Originating as a developer of advanced wound care and surgical devices, Hydrinity discovered the remarkable skin-healing properties of their hyaluronic acid formulas through clinical feedback. This revelation led to the creation of their exclusive line of skin repair and anti-aging serums. After three years of dedicated research by top scientists and physicians, Hydrinity now offers accelerated skin science that transforms skin health, providing dramatic anti-aging results in just two weeks.

        At Skin Suite By Kristen, we are proud to feature Hydrinity Skin Care, a brand synonymous with age-defying hydration and rapid, visible results. Hydrinity’s philosophy centers on simple yet powerful routines—just two products applied twice daily can reveal beautiful, healthy skin in two weeks. Their commitment to purity, potency, and precision means every product meets rigorous medical-grade standards, ensuring they are safe and beneficial even for the most sensitive skin types. Experience the power of optimal hydration and join the countless satisfied customers who have turned to Hydrinity for their skincare needs. Embrace a new era of skin care with Hydrinity, where cutting-edge science meets stunning results.

        Hydrinity Skin Care

        Deep Hydration Dynamics
        Hydrinity Skin Care utilizes cutting-edge hyaluronic acid technology to deliver deep hydration, ideal for those battling dryness and aging signs.
        Age-Defying Moisture

        Recommended for anyone looking to restore their skin’s youthful radiance, Hydrinity offers products that infuse skin with moisture while combating aging.

        Ultimate Hydration Therapy

        For those facing severe skin dryness or looking to reduce aging signs, Hydrinity Skin Care offers ultimate hydration therapy with its innovative formulas.


        Introducing HigherDOSE, your gateway to a revitalized and radiant lifestyle. Elevate your self-care regime with our cutting-edge wellness tools, expertly designed to harness the power of nature and boost holistic recovery. Our suite of products, including Infrared Sauna Blankets, PEMF Mats, and Red Light devices, works synergistically to stimulate the body’s natural release of feel-good chemicals—Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. This unique blend not only enhances your mood but also promotes a healthy glow, supports long-term health, and uplifts your spirit. At HigherDOSE, we aim to make it simple and enjoyable for you to achieve the high life naturally.

        At Skin Suite By Kristen, we’re excited to feature HigherDOSE, a brand that makes the sophisticated world of biohacking accessible and stylish. Founded by the dynamic duo, Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps, HigherDOSE is committed to redefining wellness and beauty by integrating the science of biohacking with daily beauty routines. Whether you’re new to biohacking or looking to deepen your practice, HigherDOSE provides the tools and knowledge to supercharge your wellness journey. Join us in embracing the innovative and health-enhancing solutions from HigherDOSE—where feeling good is made effortless, and every day is a step towards the ultimate luxury of health.


        Wellness Through Innovation

        HigherDOSE provides tools for holistic wellness and self-care, perfect for those looking to enhance their health naturally with the latest in biohacking technologies.

        Biohacking Beauty

        Best for health enthusiasts, HigherDOSE’s products promote a vibrant, healthy glow and overall well-being using nature-inspired technologies.

        Natural Wellness Enhancer
        Elevate your daily wellness routine with HigherDOSE, leveraging natural technologies to enhance physical health and mental well-being effortlessly.


        Introducing EPICUTIS, a revolutionary skincare brand that epitomizes the fusion of minimalist design and maximum efficacy. Developed through a groundbreaking partnership between Princeton’s leading skincare researcher, Dr. Jeffry Stock, and Japan’s renowned formulator, Masanori Tamura, EPICUTIS offers a uniquely effective approach to skin health. Leveraging advanced technology and patented active ingredients, our formulations are designed to penetrate not just the surface but the deeper layers of the skin, addressing root causes of skin distress such as moisture loss and environmental damage.

        At Skin Suite By Kristen, we are proud to present EPICUTIS, a brand that aligns with our commitment to providing safe, non-toxic, and potent skincare solutions. EPICUTIS stands out for its clinical-grade products suitable for post-procedure care, luxurious treatments for medi-spa visitors, and effective daily routines. Created with the expertise of estheticians and perfected through rigorous testing and refinement, EPICUTIS is not just another skincare brand—it’s a tailored solution crafted by experts for experts. Trust EPICUTIS to enhance your skin’s health and reveal its natural beauty with simplicity and precision.


          Simplified Skincare Science

          EPICUTIS is ideal for consumers valuing potent yet minimalist skincare regimes. It offers high-efficacy products with clinically proven ingredients.

          Pure and Potent Precision

          Recommended for skincare aficionados looking for high-concentration, non-toxic formulas, EPICUTIS delivers straightforward solutions for complex skin issues.

          Expert Care, Minimalist Approach
          EPICUTIS is perfect for those who value expertly crafted skincare that focuses on core ingredients without unnecessary additives, delivering effective and safe results.

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          At Skin Suite By Kristen, we’re dedicated to elevating your skincare experience by carefully selecting products that align with our core values of effectiveness and safety. Each product we recommend, including ANFISA Skin, GlyMed Plus, Hydrinity Skin Care, HigherDOSE, and EPICUTIS, has been rigorously evaluated to ensure it meets our high standards.

          We believe in transparency and integrity, which is why we want to be open about our partnerships. When you purchase through our referrals, we receive a fee, which helps us continue to offer expert advice and maintain the highest level of service. This partnership allows us to keep exploring innovative products and bring you the latest in skincare science.

          Trust is at the foundation of everything we do, and your skin’s health is our top priority. Let us help you find the perfect products to enhance your natural beauty and uphold the health of your skin. Discover more and start your journey to a radiant complexion today!

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          Kristen is great! Went to her for a lash lift & tint as well as brow wax & tint , and I’m so happy with the results! She was very sweet and welcoming, & I can’t wait to go back to her for a facial.”

          One of the sweetest people I’ve ever had do my brows. She listened to my concerns, gave her professional input, told me exactly what to do and what not to do to prepare for next visits, etc! She was so sweet throughout the whole process. I’m a very picky person so I’m extremely thankful I found her!! The place was very cozy and welcoming. Definitely would recommend!

          My facial with Kristen was wonderful, relaxing and made me feel so much better about my skin. I also had a lash lift and tint!. What difference this makes in my appearance. Thank you Kristen for making me feel beautiful.

          Kristen is so talented. I have been with her for over 10 years. I won’t let anyone else touch my brows. I travel 40 minutes to get my brows waxed by Kristen. Besides being incredibly talented she is also the sweetest person. You feel so welcomed at her adorable shop.

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